Meet Keith Potts | The Kitchen Fort Collins

~Listen to what Keith Potts, a server at The Kitchen Fort Collins, has to say about his favorite dish, and the story behind that fantastic mustache~

Keith Potts


What is your favorite part about serving at The Kitchen Fort Collins?

-My Kitchen Family, my coworkers! They make my job fun and exciting. Also getting to know our purveyors in this amazing community that we have is great!


What has been your favorite memory with The Kitchen?

-Opening the restaurant. There was something exciting about opening the restaurant from the ground up and to be part of it since the beginning and watching it blossom.


Tell us the story about your amazing mustache!

-We (as a company) take part in Mustache May and that is how I got it. Mustache May is a way to promote men’s health by shaving all your facial hair May 1st, then grow a mustache all month. I participated the first year and kept it ever since because it looks so good on me!


What is your favorite dish that The Kitchen has served?

-Octopus Plancha. I love seafood and this dish was so tender but crispy. The flavor was amazing!