Meet the Purveyor | Katie Slota, Native Hill Farm

nic+and+katie+(2)Meet the Purveyor: Katie Slota Owner and Farmer of Native Hill Farm

What makes Fort Collins so great for farming and why is it important in our community?

Ironically Fort Collins is a pretty challenging place to grow vegetables.   We have some crazy weather extremes and very little rain, so farmers have to work extra hard to coax specialty crops from the ground.  In turn,  having access to fresh, local food in this area is pretty special and  I think living in a community that supports a local food system is probably what make Fort Collins great for farmers.


The sun is shining longer and the days are getting warmer, what are you most looking forward to as we head into Spring?

Farming as a family!  This will be the first season farming with our son and we are excited to get him in the soil and start teaching him about where his food comes from.  And goats, we are excited about baby goats (but who isn’t?).


If there was one vegetable you couldn’t imagine living  without what would it be?

That is a tough one.  Because we tend to celebrate everything when it is in season, we try not to have favorites, but greens like kale, collards  and chard still rule the roost for us at Native Hill.  So much so that we grow them year round so that we don’t have to live without them.  Ever.


Here at The Kitchen, Native Hill beets are a staple on our menu. What’s your secret to growing some of the best beets in town?

Well, we can’t give them all away, but having healthy soil is definitely a top priority for growing any vegetables on our farm.  That and tiny elves.