The Great Pumpkin | What you need to know

dfac6017aeb0edafaa7a2a6b49b6b229Pumpkins are in abundance this time of year and have plenty to offer!
From warm and cozy soup, bread and stew recipes, to action packed health benefits, pumpkins are the star of this month’s local harvest. Check out these three tips about pumpkins for this fall season!


1. Rouge Vif d’Etampes- Bibbity, Boppity, Boo!

These aren’t your traditional grocery store pumpkins! Remember Disney’s Cinderella? Heirloom experts share stories about how this is the pumpkin that served as the inspiration for Cinderella’s coach! These beauties are flat, deeply grooved and boast a deep red-orange color. This pumpkin variety made it’s way to North America back in 1883 and will definitely be the highlight of any front porch. To find this specialty pumpkin in Fort Collins visit Buena Vida Farm and stop by The Kitchen to see them featured in our annual Pumpkin Soup de jour.


2. Powerful Little Pumpkin Seed

Scientific evidence shows that all those little seeds deliver a multitude of health benefits like easing arthritis, relieving anxiety and protecting against cardiovascular disease. Packed with essential fatty acids, disease fighting compounds, vitamins and minerals it’s now obvious that you should incorporate these nutritional powerhouses into your diet all year round!

For a tasty snack recipe visit our friends at Whole Foods:


3. The Incredible Edible Pumpkin…Blossom?

Those large yellow blossoms produced by pumpkin and squash plants don’t just look pretty; they’re tasty too! These edible flowers are extremely versatile and can be stuffed and baked with a sweet or savory cheese, or lightly battered and fried for a crispy snack. They are enjoyed around the world from Mexico to Italy and are a special part of many family recipes. Experiment and enjoy the delicate flavor of seasonal squash only these blossoms offer. Andrea, our GM, loves this fresh and satisfying traditional spinoff featured at her Fall family gatherings