A plant-based celebration.

Chinese New Year

Saturday, February 2nd starting at 5pm at Upstairs Cocktail Lounge.     

Celebrate the Year of the Pig  with an authentic 6-course menu for $45 including plant-based charcuterie and hand-made dumplings in a chef collaboration with our Head Chef Michael Tortorello x Mara King of Ozuke.

Braised Gluten 烤麸

Pine Smoked Eggplant熏茄子

Wood Ear Mushroom 木耳

Shanghainese Salad Roll 鲜菜卷

Mushroom Confit Cheung Fun蘑肠粉

Wonton 馄饨

Glutinous Rice Bao 糯米包

Leek Stuffed Griddle Bing 馅饼

Hemp Chile-Oil 'fold up the hands' peanut stuffing 花生抄手

Ginger Syrup Fresh Tofu "Flower" 豆花

Festive attire is encouraged & space is limited!

*All items are vegan and may/do contain gluten and peanuts, sorry substitutions are not available.