Celebrate Drinking

Prohibition Cocktails

We have decided the famous quote "Necessity is the mother of invention" surely was born from the Prohibition Era. How else could one explain how so many exemplary classic cocktails coming from one period of time? 

Bathtub hootch needed to be dressed up to be palatable, and from it rose a classic cocktail style that we think should be CELEBRATED!

Make some time to slip Upstairs this Fall to enjoy our interpretation of these gems for a limited time.

Leo's Clean Sneak | leopold's navy strength gin, maraschino, alpine liqueur, lime

  • An escape with no clues left behind. Looks like Leo got the last word this time. This cocktail is a take on the classic Last Word.

Underboss | rye, sweet vermouth, benedictine, calvados, bitters

  • The Underboss is the second highest position in a Mafia family, and not just in Detroit. Our play on a classic Vieux Carre. 

A Cup Of Joe | coffee-infused gin, campari, carpano antica formula

  • While the origin of the phrase ‘Cup of Joe’ is contested, it joined the American lexicon around 1930. Our play on the classic Negroni with a coffee-infused twist is our tribute that we hope will leave you saying; "I'll take another Cup of Joe, please!"

Cosa Nostra | law's bourbon, leopold's aperitivo, amaro nonino, lemoncello

  • Italian for "this thing of ours", this cocktail refers to a tight criminal society almost always comprised of members of Italian and Italian-American ancestry. This cocktail is comprised of ingredients solely from the United States and Italy. This is a riff on the classic Paper Plane.

Giggle Water | cap rock gin, lemon, turbinado, cream, soda

  • The name and the appearance of the cocktail were meant for each other. Both fun, light, and bright, this is our playful interpretation of the classic Gin Fizz.

Dark ‘O The Moon |  rye, amaro nonino, cynar, orange bitters

  • Moonshine is rumored to have found its namesake in distilleries hidden from sight and operated in the dark, by the light of the moon. This cocktail is pure hooch my friends, and the "Dark" plays on the fact that this is a Black Manhattan, made with amari instead of vermouth. 

Boss of Bosses | rye, sour mash bourbon, lemon, orgeat

  •  Whiskey Daisy cocktails have been playing up whiskey’s best assets for ages and this update does the same.

Teetotaler | maple, cream, soda

  • Our zero proof tribute to classic Egg Creams, might just make you voluntarily want to skip the hard stuff, it is that good. 

London Prohibition | cucumber, lime, tonic

  • All the makings of a classic G&T, minus the Gin. Just because you are passing on alcohol, does not mean you can’t do it without style.