The Kitchen Delivers Simply Delicious Farm-Fresh Cuisine

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The Kitchen is an American bistro with Colorado roots and a dedication to serving delicious, real food sourced directly from farmers. Sounds simply tasty, right? That’s the point. Founders Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson were among the pioneers of the farm-to-table movement and opened their first location in Boulder in 2004 followed by the Denver addition in 2012. (It also has a location in Chicago). 

Denver’s rapidly evolving culinary scene has earned kudos from foodies and food critics alike, and The Kitchen is part of the thriving Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhood. Conveniently located in the historic Sugar Building on the 16th Street Mall, The Kitchen is just footsteps away from Denver Union Station and Coors Field and close to other prime attractions like the Pepsi Center and Dairy Block. The combination means amazing food and loads of fun all in one place!